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Destructive Dogs- Digging, Chewing, etc.


If your dog is destroying your stuff call us today! No more behavior problems, GUARANTEED!

Call us for more information. Does your dog have a destruction problem? Destruction normally comes in the form of chewing and digging but can also be found in the form of scratching and getting up on counters and furniture. Destruction is annoying and costly, but it has a fix. Our destruction formula has a few different aspects:

  1. Fulfill whatever needs the dog has with respects to focused exercise, mental stimulation, and proper relationship. Salt Lake and surrounding areas are a dog’s paradise and offer numerous solutions for a bored dog.  Not only that we teach effective measures for leveraging your time and your effort so that you can quickly fulfill both a dog’s brain and body through obedience training, focused walks, and other mental stimulation.
  2. Once the dog is fulfilled then we apply what we call K9 entrapment, that is to say that we invite the dog to perform the the bad behavior so it can be addressed head on.  This is a unique approach and allows us to get to a solution much quicker.  There are some really unique strategies we have regarding modern technology that allow us to find a solution much faster.
  3. Provide the right types of toys and use my special method for what to do with dog toys to halt destruction.  There are certain types of toys that actually help a dog not want to chew your stuff.
  4. Proper supervision.  You need to know how to supervise the dog when you’re home and when you aren’t.

You don’t have to live with destruction. Call Ty the Dog Guy today so we can show you how to get rid of this problem once and for all.  Stop paying for your dog’s lack of training with a home and yard that get destroyed.

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