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Dog Behavior Problems


In previous sections we have covered many common behavior problems that plague dog owners. Dogs are great, but unfortunately that is not the extent of the list. There are too many problems that dog owners complain of to list on these pages.

Even though we can’t list them all there is a general method to dealing with behavior problems.

Dog training, when boiled down to it’s most simple form, is about creating associations. If you could make all desirable behaviors have positive associations your dog would always complete those behaviors and you would be pleased. If you could make all bad behaviors have negative associations your dog would never repeat those behaviors again and you would be ecstatic.

Our training methods will teach you just that. If you want us to show you how to attach positive associations with sitting on command, returning on command, staying on command we can do so. And if you want us to show you how to form negative associations (in a humane and non-aggressive way) with jumping on your friends, digging in your yard, and peeing on your rug we can teach your how to form those associations as well.

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