Dog Training Commands

Dog training commandsWhenever someone brings their dog into our training center for the first time we are immediately in a position to see how they command their dog.

More often than not we find that these poor dog owners are resorting to chasing their dogs around shouting commands with the hope that the meaner or harsher the command the more the dog will obey.  We often hear such frustrating yells as, “No! Come here! Sit down! Stay there!” Usually these shouts are met with near indifference from their pets.

Any good dog training program should consist of correct dog training principles. You shouldn’t have to resort to using crazy tones to get your dog to obey. Let the principles of sound dog training provide the training firmness and not your voice.

With the training program that we can show you we will teach you how to use commands properly and how to get out of the habit of shouting or raising your voice in the vain attempt to get your dog to obey.  It doesn’t matter if you have a deep voice or a timid voice.  We can help you get your dog to obey today.

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