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Dog Training Distractions


There is a common phrase I hear from my clients on our first visits, “My dog behaves pretty well around the house, but if I take him outside it is like he can’t hear me any more. He has selective hearing and refuses to respond to any commands if there is another person or dog or anything around.”

Utah is full or people who spend their lives outside in our beautiful open spaces. It is imperative that you can take your dog with you and rely on him or her to be obedient. When you are training your dog distractions should be your best friend. If you can train your dog to behave in the face of distractions you will then find that your dog is that much better in every day life.

The key is to choose the proper training method without using distractions. As you make progress with your training you can then add distractions and use the exact same methods to show your dog that he must obey no matter what the circumstances. My method will actually train your dog to be better behaved with distractions than without distractions.


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