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How to Train a Beagle


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How to Train a BeagleThe Beagle,also known as the English Beagle, is a British breed. They are a very vocal dog that requires a lot of attention to stay happy. They grow to be about 16 inches tall and they usually weigh between 18 and 30 pounds. They have a short, dense, and waterproof coat that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Some of the coat colors commonly found in Beagle coats include: blue mottle, red, black, white, tan, and yellow.

Beagles are very affectionate dogs that have the perfect personality for family life. They get along great with kids. If properly socialized they can also get along with other family pets. However, because they have been bred as a hunting dog they may not be the best bedfellows for small pets and cats.

This is a low maintenance breed. Their coats need minimal brushing and bathing. However, their floppy ears make them prone to ear infections. You will need to clean them out regularly to prevent chronic problems. You will also need to trim their nails regularly. This breed needs obedience training especially to control their vocalizations and to improve their obedience. They are very good at problem solving and are know for the ability to escape enclosures. Because of this and their tendency to bark and howl, they are not a breed that should be left alone a lot.

Beagles are very popular dogs, especially in the United States. They are full of personality and oozing with cuteness particularly when they are young pups. They are active, eager to please, very intelligent, and always exploring.


Beagles belong to the hound group. They were cross-bred from other hounds and hunting dogs by English hunters. They are primarily bred to be scent dogs; tracking game animals like hares and rabbits.

The name Beagle may likely come from the French word “be’geule” referring to the howling voice of the hound in pursuit of game animals.

Appearance and Abilities

A Beagle is small to medium sized dog with a muscled physique. They are double-coated, short-haired canines that come in tri-color black, brown, and white.

Their faces have the cute pleading look that will melt your heart. They have long and large ears that hang on the sides of their faces. Their sense of smell is remarkable and is considered one of their trademark ability.

Temperament and Tendencies

Beagles have a penchant for exploring. Therefore, they have a strong tendency to stray. A fenced yard is required to make it easier for owners to confine their Beagles within their control.

Beagles are not afraid to get dirty. As long as the scent is traceable they will go through any filthy nook to track its origin.

Companionship is very important for beagles. They thrive on it. It may be a good idea to have more than one Beagle in your house because if you leave them by themselves they can keep each other company. Giving them inadequate attention will give them anxiety and they will become agitated.

Training and Care

Before training Beagles, you must understand that they are scent hunters and are easily distracted. Naturally, they are intelligent creatures but when natural instinct kicks in, such as catching a scent, it makes them difficult to train because they are predisposed to track that scent.

So, to counter this innate behavior, you must train them in a fenced area where there are few distractions. This can be quite a challenge because Beagles have excellent noses.

When you are going out for a walk, it is vital to leash the Beagle because it will wander away from you if given a chance. Simple commands such as “come” and “stay” must be taught to the Beagle. This is essential for easier management.

Once you have their attention, the Beagle is very easy to train. They catch up fast especially with positive reinforcement. Reinforce positive behavior consistently and they will stick to it for the rest of their lives.

They can be very independent if they find their owners as meek leaders. You must establish your dominance over your Beagle. Be firm with your leadership so the Beagle will tend to seek your approval in its every action.

Socialization is also very important. Start early. Introduce him to all of your family members, friends, and other house pets so that the Beagle will become familiar of their scents and won’t be easily distracted if the Beagle catches their odor.

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