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How to Train a Gordon Setter


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How to Train a Gordon SetterThe Gordon Setter is a Scottish breed that can be traced back to at least the late 18th century. This breed was originally created as sportsmen’s dogs that would have the stamina to handle long hunts. This breed came to the United States in 1842 by Daniel Webster and George Blunt. Today this dog is still prized as a sporting dog, however, they have also become a popular family dog.

The Gordon Setter is a large dog that stands between 24.5 and 26 inches and they weigh between 56 and 65 pounds. They have combination coats. On their heads, front legs and ear tips their coat is short and fine, and it is long everywhere else. The most common colors for this breed include black, rust, and tan.

Do you want a strong dog capable of protecting your family but at the same time, affectionate and amiable?

Gordon Setter is a canine breed that poses these qualities. This breed is a perfect household dog. It is a medium to large size dog that may be tough to strangers but warm and friendly to its family and especially to children.

Families with children are the most suitable owners for Gordon Setters. It has a profound need for human companionship. They have a deep-rooted desire to please but can be mischievous when left alone.

Gordon Setters can be very jealous and quite needy. They gravely want monopoly of their humans that keeping other pets along with Gordon Setters may spell trouble. This also speaks of this loyalty; Gordon Setters will protect their owners especially the children, to the death. A Gordon Setter trying to protect its threatened family is a sight to behold; a very nice trait for a guard dog.

Like any other dogs, Gordon Setters needs basic behavior training to say the least. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

Polite Gordon Setters = Less tension

Gordon Setters are very active dogs. If not trained with polite behaviors, it can cause constant disorder to your domestic life. Mind you, they are fairly large dogs and they just love to run and jump around. Therefore, it is very important to train them at least basic obedience and calm behavior.

Tough and can endure considerably harsh training methods

Gordon Setters are strong-willed creatures. Occasionally, its humans may feel that their dogs own them because Gordon Setters are so independent and have a mind of their own that they do what they please without any regard to its owners.

With this breed, you got to show who’s boss and take the role of the alpha male. Make this clear to your dog and life will be much easier.

To establish this, some owners may resort to fairly harsh methods but if it can be managed, always use positive reinforcement techniques. They can handle the harshness but may run the risk of having detrimental attitude development. A Gordon Setter too scared of its owner is a pitiful scene.

Physical and Intellectual Stimulation

Gordon Setters are bred originally for hunting. They are very popular “bird dogs”. They are able to localize birds and retrieve them to their human companions.

So, they are used to large fields where they can run and play. Space is very important for them. If you have a small place, always try to walk the dog to parks or other spacious places. These places are well suited for their training and stimulation.

Agility training is a great exercise for this breed. They are such a dynamo that exhausting them is an impossible feat.

They like to find objects. You can play hide and seek with them; this let them make use of their hunting and snooping instincts. This stimulates their mind and probably, the best way to exhaust them.

Want to learn how to transform your Gordon Setter’s behavior? Click here to find out how.


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