How to Train a Kuvasz


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How to Train a KuvaszThe Kuvasz, also called the Hungarian Kuvasz, is a Tibetan breed. They were originally created to guard royalty. Today this breed is used to guard sheep and they are also used as a family pet.

The Kuvasz usually stands between 26 and 32 inches tall and they weigh between 80 and 135 pounds. They have long, white, wavy hair. This breed is naturally loyal and protective and is good with kids if trained properly and socialized.

Origin of the Kuvasz

The origins of the breed is from Tibet but they were developed in Hungary into the breed they are today. The breed served as pets to the rulers of Hungarian and other European empires. They were favored by royalty. Many years later, the breed became workers for the common people, especially shepherds, as livestock controllers and protectors.

The Kuvasz’s name comes from the Turkish word “kawasz,” meaning “armed guard of the nobility.”

Kuvasz Appearance and Abilities

The Kuvasz breed is a large dog that is distinctively white and furry. Males stand at about 28-30 inches at the withers and weigh about 100-115 pounds; females are about 26-28 inches and 70-90 pounds.

This breed is well-muscled and agile. They have semi-coarse coats which are double-layered. The first layer is soft and fine. The top coat is coarse and protects the underlying coat. The hair can be straight or somewhat wavy, but must always be white.

The Kuvasz is an excellent livestock protector. It is able to act at just the right moment without instruction from masters. It can work in any terrain for long periods of time. It also has a keen nose and is able to work as a hunter in the field.

Temperament and Tendencies of the Kuvasz

Kuvasz dogs tend to be protective of their families, but not possessive. They are rather quiet and docile. They are devoted and very loyal but do not demonstrate their affection. They are rather reserved breeds. They mature slowly in comparison to other dogs.

They are bold and fearless dogs but polite and rarely aggressive even to total strangers. They have keen intelligence which is rather intuitive. Kuvasz dogs are determined workers with great endurance. They are also naturally curious about their surroundings.

Kuvasz dogs will protect their families to the point of self-sacrifice. They see it as their ultimate purpose. Instinctively, they tend to be most protective with kids. They are polite to strangers but rather suspicious and very discriminating in making new friends.

Training and Care of the Kuvasz

It is important to start training early. Patience and consistency is the key to training Kuvasz dogs. They are easy to house break and with consistent conditioning, they will easily catch up to instructions in terms of eliminating wastes.

The Kuvasz dogs are strong minded. They require strong leadership from their owners to keep them in line. If your family has small children, it is best to acquire Kuvasz pups and let them grow with your kids. Teach the kids to be pack leaders so the dog will know its place in the pecking order.

Socialization is essential. Socialize early and extensively. If they are extensively socialized early in life, it combats their extremely protective temperament.

They are quite difficult when it comes to obedience training because they are independent minded dogs. Their intelligence is rather instinctive and often exhibited while they are working.

As a herding breed, this dog needs plenty of outdoor activity; they require lots of exercise every day. The breed is not suitable for apartment life. They are fairly active indoors and do best with at least a large yard. Do not leave this dog alone in the backyard for long stretches of time, as he may become destructive. Vigorous exercise should help with this.

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