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How to Train a Vizsla


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How to Train a VizslaThe Vizsla, also called the Hungarian Vizsla, the Magyar Vizsla, the Drotszoru Magyar Vizsla, and the Hungarian Pointer, is a Hungarian sporting dog breed. They are a medium sized dog that stands between 22.5 and 25 inches tall and that weighs between 48.5 and 66 pounds. They have a short straight coat that comes in a brownish red color. White traces on their chest and feet are common. The Vizsla is a sweet nature dog that is gentle and tolerant. They make a great family dog and companion, as well as a great hunting dog.

The Vizsla is an active dog, both mentally and physically. It is excellent if they can have a ‘job’ to tire them physically and challenge them mentally.

Vizslas are excellent hunting companions noted for their superior working habits. However they are also make well-mannered and affectionate household pets.

Origin of the Vizsla

Vizslas were bred for hunting and as favored companions of the Magyar tribe that settled in what is now called Hungary. Later on, they were used by aristocrats for upland game hunting. They hunt by tracking and they are also excellent at retrieving rabbits and water fowls.

Vizslas almost became extinct during the world wars but because some devotees of the breed smuggled out Vizslas to Austria and other countries, including the United States they slowly regained their popularity on a global scale after the war.

Vizsla Appearance and Abilities

Vizslas are medium sized dogs. They are sleek, lightly built but have a well developed muscles They have long limbs and their physique depicts a tremendous amount of strength and agility. They have a distinguished appearance and bearing.

They have amazing athleticism. Their gaits are far reaching, they are light footed, and described as graceful and smooth. Vizslas are also fast and powerful. They have tremendous stamina in the field and they are persistent and tireless workers. Also, they have amazing noses that can track with remarkable accuracy and they can work as game retrievers and pointers as well. Vizslas are versatile hunting companions with incredible working attitudes.

They have short, smooth, dense and close-lying coats. They commonly come in golden rusted color. Shades may vary but overly dark shades like mahogany red and very pale yellow are considered to be faulty. Vizslas don’t have undercoats which makes them more susceptible to the cold weather.

Temperament and Tendencies

Their hunting skills are superior to many other hunting breed and they have excellent instincts in the field. They are lively and energetic, always willing to work and please their masters. Inside the house they are fairly docile as long they are exercised daily.

Vizslas are always amiable and can be trusted with children. They are playful and very demonstrative of their affection. Vizslas are naturally non dog-aggressive and they mix with other pets as well, including cats. However, instinct will kick in against rabbits, hares, and many fowls.

They excel in obedience training. Vizslas are very intelligent and can easily learn tricks and commands. Always bear in mind that Vizslas are sensitive dogs and they do not respond well to harsh methods.

Vizslas rarely bark but have strong protective drives. They will protect their master and his properties if threatened. However, they are not expected to display aggression under normal circumstances.

Vizsla Training and Care

Vizslas requires physical activity or work. If a Vizsla is deprived of physical stimulation he will develop destructive behavioral problems and he will possibly become unruly and high strung.

A house with a considerable yard area is necessary for Vizslas. Apartment living can be challenging but if you can manage to take him on daily “runs”, he can adjust to smaller apartment spaces.

Obedience training for a Vizsla is surprisingly easy. The only problem you have to contend with is how easily he can become distracted. Nevertheless, they are very intelligent dogs and can catch up with almost any command. Never be harsh and use only positive reinforcement because Vizslas are sensitive dogs and may become miserable if treated harshly.

Grooming Vizslas is not a problem. Occasional brushes and baths is enough to manage their shedding. Shampoo only when necessary.

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