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Case Study for Solving Dog Aggression


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How to Solve Dog Aggression

Case Study for Solving Dog AggressionOver the years our business has evolved a great deal.  While we work with plenty of puppies and dogs who need obedience and manners help we’ve become known around the country for solving some of the worst aggression cases.

Our proprietary system taps into the dog’s natural styles and patterns of learning to help them overcome the fear and anxiety that leads them to act aggressively in the first place.

A short time ago we started working with a new case.

This is a dog that has attacked other dogs and is one of the more intensely aggressive dogs we’ve seen in a while.  We decided to turn this case into a case study to show everyone just what it is we do to help these dogs.

I wasn’t planning on releasing any video until we had the entire process filmed.  But sure enough, within the first five minutes of training we already had some great results.  I wanted to show it off, press play below.

Our Aggression Formula

Our aggression formula is the process we use with dogs to overcome any type of aggression.  The three steps are:

  1. Achieve high levels of obedience.  I always tell dog owners that we aren’t going to solve aggression with basic obedience.  Only advanced obedience carries the power to help a dog overcome their aggression issues.
  2. Apply that obedience.  Once your dog learns higher levels of obedience you need to apply that obedience to your dog’s ‘aggressive triggers’.  Your dog can’t lunge, chase after, or attack if he or she has great obedience that allows you to have your dog stay, come, and heel no matter the circumstances.
  3. Correct the aggression.  You must correct the aggression in a way that makes complete sense to your dog.

Stay tuned to the site.  When the training is complete we’ll be posting the full case study.

Want to learn how to transform your dog’s behavior? Click here to find out how.

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