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E-Collar Training- Interview With Robin MacFarlane


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E-Collar Training- Robin MacFarlane

E-Collar Training- Interview With Robin MacFarlaneRobin MacFarlane is an e-collar training expert and owner of That’s My Dog and The Truth About Shock Collars in Dubuque, Iowa.  She’s been training with electric collars for years and a big part of her work has gone to helping thousands of dogs from around the globe all while debunking various myths and mis-informations about e-collar training.

Dog owners will send their dogs to her from around North America because of her unique systems for helping dogs learn to overcome various issues with this style of training.

E-Collar Training- Listen In

Click ‘Play’ below to listen to the full interview.  It’s a quick half hour and will give you a ton of great information on e-collar training.  Make sure to take notes.

E-Collar Training- What You’ll Learn

In this podcast you’re going to learn:

  • Whether or not e-collar training is humane?  You’ll find out the REAL philosophy and motivations behind e-collar training and how they are not what you’ve heard about from the internet, your vet, and your next-door-neighbor.
  • Little known facts about WHY you just may want to be training with electric collars if your dog is nervous, anxious, shy or otherwise sensitive to outside distractions and stimuli.
  • Whether or not you can use this tool to train aggressive dogs (hint: the answer is likely the OPPOSITE of what you’ve been reading online.)
  • A simple and quick understanding of how the e-collar is used to train a dog to come when called.
  • What tools you need to accompany your electric collar when you first start training (if you’re just starting with the e-collar by itself you are probably doing it wrong).
  • A simple comparison to help dog owners understand how the e-collar actually feels.  Robin has ALL of her clients feel the e-collar before using it with their dogs and you’d be surprised the reaction some of them have.
  • How to figure out which is the right level to set the e-collar on for your training.  This will be new information to many who’ve been hearing wrong information for some time.
  • How far this method of training has come in the last 50 years and why your perception of e-collar training may be based on what USED TO happen decades ago.
  • What ages of dog you can use this tool with.

Our goal at our company is to help as many dogs and as many owners as possible.  We’re huge advocates of proper e-collar training because we know how humane and helpful it is for dogs and dog owners.  We encourage you to get in touch with good trainers like Robin if you are looking for instruction on how to properly use these tools with your dog.  Feel free to check out our e-collar training course as well.

Want to learn how to transform your dog’s behavior? Click here to find out how.

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