Training A Dog That Bites And Barks


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Training A Dog That Bites And BarksHow To Solve the Problem of a Biting and Barking Dog

The following is a question from one of our readers:

I have a 7 month old min pin who minds good and does all the basic commands.  But he still likes to bite at times when he is playing.  I say NO but sometimes he doesn’t listen.  Also we have a problem with him barking at people and he wont stop until they are out of sight.  How can I fix these problems? I am an over the road driver so every day is something new for him.  Thanks.

A Biting And Barking Dog- It’s About The Relationship

A Biting And Barking Dog On Youtube

Almost always when you see a dog who bites and barks you also see a dog who isn’t respectful.  You mention that the dog is ‘obedient’ but I wonder how obedient the dog can be at seven months?  There are a few things I tell my clients that apply here:

  • You won’t fix a biting and barking dog with basic obedience.  You need to get much more advanced obedience to forge a solid bond of ‘leader/follower’ with you and your dog.
  • Telling isn’t training.  Just saying the word ‘no’, or even worse the word ‘no’ in a harsh tone, isn’t training your dog.  Unless something is going with that word you’re going to find that the dog will quickly learn to ignore it.

A Biting And Barking Dog- Tips

Here are a few things I’d recommend you do:

  • Keep working on that obedience.  Don’t work on treat training.  Work on solid, balanced obedience where you use leash corrections combined with proper praise.  This type of obedience will have an overall calming effect and will serve to have your dog see you in much more of a leadership role.
  • Keep a leash on your dog while you’re driving.  I’d recommend you have a leash and training collar on the dog at all times.  That means in the cab, when you take him out at rest stops, and once you’re back home.  You need a way that you can teach, communicate, and correct when your dog is acting out and simply telling the dog isn’t going to get the job done.  By keeping him on a leash you are in a position to always address negative behavior.

I wish you the best of luck and happy training.  Now it’s time to get to work!

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