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Wild Cairn Terrier- How To Train A Dog To Be Calm


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Wild Cairn Terrier- How To Train A Dog To Be CalmHow To Train A Dog To Be Calm

The following question comes from one of our valued DVD clients.

Hi Ty,
I have a terrier mix who is about 12 months old and just WILD!!!  She doesn’t just jump on the furniture, she FLIES from a couch to a chair.  She FLIES onto my lap from the across the room when I am holding hot coffee.  We have had many close calls where she has just missed spilling it all over me.

ALSO, she scratches, chews, licks & nips myself and others CONSTANTLY on hands, legs, and FACES.  (i have bandaids all over my arms and legs and she has even tried to bite my face, i.e. my nose and chin and cheeks!  I had her nails ground down with a dremmel and that seems to help some.  (any other ideas?).  She has destroyed a $300 down comforter and many throw pillows.  When she chewed a huge hole in the down comforter, I woke with feathers flying all over in the air and in my hair!  I now have her sleeping in her crate, and she does well with that, although I do like her sleeping with me.

I have your Foundation Obedience dvd set and we are doing well with it.  She walks loose leash in the house w/o distraction, she sits and lies down, but only stays for seconds and then she is up and running again.  She is wearing a training collar and seems to do well with that.

PLEASE help me Ty, and tell me what dvds you suggest that will help!  People don’t tell me to give her up but it would just break my heart!

Again, I hope you can help me!


How to Train A Dog to Be Calm- Video

Here is my video response to her question:

How to Train a Dog to Be Calm on Youtube

How to Train a Dog to Be Calm- Key Points

There are two key things I’d recommend:

  1. Keep a leash and training collar on at all times.  Keep that leash in your hand, for now.  Make sure to correct every little infraction and praise when she stops.
  2. Be firmer when it comes to your ‘stay’ behaviors.  When she gets up from any position make sure to correct her back into position.

You are on the right path, you’re moving in the right direction.  No, you don’t need to give up on the dog.  I think you need to be a touch firmer and you’ll be in great shape.

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