How To Fix Child Aggression: Aggressive Dogs With Children


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How To Fix Child Aggression Aggressive Dogs With ChildrenThe following is a question from one of our readers:

Okay I’ve watched enough to know- we have inconsistently trained our dog. She is a two year old breeder bought golden doodle.

She was very anxious by five months – though we were very loving with her. She was a huge resource guarder and didn’t like to be touched. We have worked hard with her- I can handle her completely. She is much better at guarding and she has two safe places in the house- places to go where we won’t bother her.

But- now she is so bonded to me- that she growls at my kids and husband if they walk by her while she lying down and recently she began charging my six year old just for walking by.

So I am in that- ready to give her up phase.

I have been putting my body between her and my son and getting her to sit.

Hasn’t stopped her from doing it again later.

She can’t be trusted with him.

So I ordered your DVD and I’m getting the collar- but can you give me some some direction here. So I can safe guard our kids. As I write this she is lying in the room with me, my son tried to approach and she growled at him.

Plus we are not home with our kids all the time. So she needs to respect people- our kids. no matter who is here.

By the way- out of the house she very much wants him in her sight at all times and gets anxious when she can’t see him.

I need a family dog.

We have spent a fortune on trainers- clicker trainer- behavioral therapists and vets. I am done.
This is our last shot.


Key Points For Solving This Aggression Problem:

  • The solution is going to come through obedience training and the dog learning to respect you and the children.
  • Work on core training behaviors; coming when called, walking properly on leash, staying when told.
  • Correct the aggression when it happens.
  • Do things to help the dog bond (both obedience and other motivational techniques like treats)

As you focus on obedience with the dog and with the kids you’ll find the relationship improves.  As you correct the aggression when it comes out you’ll find that the dog realizes that, even when stressed, aggression is not allowed.  As you focus on the bonding aspect you’ll help the dog recover and realize that she’s happy to be around your kids.

Happy training.

Want to learn how to transform your dog’s behavior? Click here to find out how.

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