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Puppy Training: Getting Things Started Right


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The following is a question from one of our valued customers:

We just got our puppy yesterday an 8 1/2 weeks old Golden Retriever.  We watched the DVDs prior to the puppies arrival.  We are applying your method of keeping the dog on the leash with us in the house and having the dog on a feeding schedule.  So far we’ve had her a little over 36 hours and she has had no accidents in the house :) and goes pee around 10 minutes after drinking and poops around 30-40 minutes after eating.  Last night I had to take her outside at around 3:00am, she went outside before at 10:30, and after she did her business she went back in the crate until 6:00 when I got up.  She is a little mouthy and likes to jump up on us at times but your methods have helped a little bit in that regard so far.  As we have just started I am thinking that every week should get a little better if we are consistent.  We are just using a regular collar and a 6 ft.  leash.  How old does the dog need to be before we can use a training collar? My wife is going to start on the place command tomorrow.  Well that’s about it.  The DVDs were very informative and a great purchase!

Getting A Golden Retriever Puppy Started Off Right
 You can start using a training collar when it’s needed.  If you find yourself using too much strength with a regular collar that is usually when you’ll start using a training collar.  Try to avoid this with too young of a puppy.  The purpose of a training collar is to have leverage so that less of a correction can get the job done.

You may also want to invest in a ‘tab leash’.  A tab leash is a short leash of 12-18 inches.  It bridges the gap between using my leash method and using no leash.  If you attempt to go with no leash you’ll likely find regression on the dog’s part so it’s important in the beginning stages to always have a leash or some other means of correction/motivation/guidance.  As the dog progresses with the regular leash you’ll graduate to the tab leash.  As the dog progresses with the tab leash you’ll slowly cut it down until you get to the point where there is no leash at all.  Best of luck and happy training!

Want to learn how to transform your dog’s behavior? Click here to find out how.

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