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Hi all,

I know that most of you who will read this aren’t in our local area of Salt Lake City, Utah.  I still wanted to share the news of our company, though, and tell you that we’ve opened up a new dog daycare and boarding facility in Sandy, Utah.  I wanted to tell you for two reasons:

1- To remind you that we’re a real company.  I know that sounds silly but this website is a part of our business.  Our whole business model is to prove to you how effective our training techniques are so that you use us for dog training or invest in our dog training DVDs.  I know I just broke a cardinal rule there and admitted that I *gasp* would like to sell you something, but there it is.

And it’s important for me that those who come here know that we’re a real company.  A real location.  We actually train dogs.  Lots of them.  And we have success with helping our client’s dogs to become the best dogs possible.  This is important because most dog training websites out there aren’t run by dog trainers.  They’re run by marketing companies overseas who have simply realized that today’s dog owner is going to spend money on their dog, including in training.  So they buy up the rights to simple dog training books, repackage them, and sell them as an ebook that will cure all your dog training ills.

These companies aren’t going to be able to help you when you come across a problem, they have no customer service department, they don’t answer a phone, and they don’t refund money if you aren’t happy like we do.

2- I wanted to share some of the simple things we do to help foster the best group mentality possible with your dog.  Even if you never buy anything from us I’d really like you to come to this website for the free content, comment, get good use, and tell your friends.  In other words, yes, we are a business.  But we’re also thrilled that dog owners around the world can use our stuff to help improve their lives and their dog’s lives.

On this page I wanted to share some videos that show what we can do to help dogs get along with other dogs.  If you’ve ever struggled with this problem with your dog I hope you’ll get some value here.  Watch the videos below and check back as I’ll likely be adding more.

If you are one of our readers in the Utah area I invite you to check out our Salt Lake City dog daycare and dog boarding pages.  Enjoy!

Here’s a video with a dog that has some serious reactivity issues. In half a day we had her playing with other dogs.

Here’s a video of a dog who has had issues at other daycares-

Want to learn how to transform your dog’s behavior? Click here to find out how.

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