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Seizure Alert Dog Training


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How to Train a Seizure Alert Dog

Seizure Alert Dog TrainingSeizure alert training is a somewhat new and oft times controversial style of training.  Essentially what it entails is training a dog to recognize certain markers that indicate an oncoming seizure and teaching the dog to respond in various ways to those markers.  The industry is split between master craftspeople who are improving the lives of those with seizures and hucksters looking to make an easy buck.

Lori Shanks is a dog trainer with a great track record of training and placing seizure alert dogs with families in her state of Georgia.  In addition to seizure alert she also trains service dogs for people with autism, diabetes, and more.

Listen in below as I pick her brain to find out the truths with this kind of training.

Press Play Below to Hear the Seizure Alert and Response Interview

What You’ll Learn About Seizure Alert Dogs:

  • If there is a breed that works best for seizure alert?
  • What qualities and temperaments are a must have for this type of service dog?
  • Basic imprinting and beginning stages of training
  • What would disqualify a dog from being a seizure alert canine
  • The type of obedience training necessary for this kind of service dog
  • Scams to watch out for
  • The training process to teach a dog how to recognize, alert, and respond to an upcoming seizure
  • Much, much, more.


Want to learn how to transform your dog’s behavior? Click here to find out how.

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