Kelly Slocum- Truffle Dog Trainer


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Kelly Slocum- Truffle Dog TrainerHow to Train Truffle Dogs

Kelly Slocum is the owner of NW Truffle Dogs.  Her company trains dogs and owners on how to locate truffles and dig them up.  Her students come from all over the world to learn the unique system that she has created to find this delicacy hiding beneath the ground.  In this fun podcast she’s opening up her bag of tricks to tell you how she trains this unique type of dog.

Not only is she an accomplished truffle dog trainer but Kelly is on the cutting edge of scent work and is working with government agencies to put together programs to train dogs to locate endangered species.  This is a fun podcast you don’t want to miss.

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What You’ll Learn in This Episode

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • What truffles are and where they’re found.
  • The UNREAL price for which one of Kelly’s students was able to sell truffles.  (You may re-think your career choices after this)
  • What breeds of dogs are used for this kind of training.  The answer to this surprised me.
  • The step-by-step process that Kelly uses to take a new dog from knowing nothing to fully trained truffle dog.
  • The endurance levels that a typical truffle dog may have.
  • How YOUR DOG can be trained to be a truffle dog.

Kelly has students from the northwest and from locations around the world come and learn how to train their dogs to be truffle dogs.  Some of these people are looking for side incomes and others are looking for fun ways to interact with their dog.  Either way, this is a fun and unique podcast with information you aren’t likely to find anywhere else.  Enjoy!

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