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Mitch Seavey- Iditarod Champion


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Mitch Seavey- Iditarod ChampionSled Dog Racing With Mitch Seavey

This interview was a real treat.  Being able to talk to the current champion of the famous Iditarod sled dog race was about as cool as it gets.  Mitch Seavey (of belongs to the ‘Royal Family’ of sled dog racers; his father having competed in the first two Iditarods ever held, Mitch a two-time winner of the same race and 2o time competitor, and his son, Dallas even putting one in the win column in 2012.

Mitch spends his year taking people on tours of his beautiful state, no matter the season, and is truly living a blessed life.

Enjoy this interview!

Click Play Below- Mitch Seavey Interview

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Which breed Mitch uses and why they are the best for sledding
  • How many calories a 45-60 pound sled dog can eat in a day during a big race (Hint: If you’ve ever eaten this much in a day you’d need a doctor)
  • How far a team can run in a single day of the Iditarod (Hint: If you were driving on the freeway in a car this kind of distance would still take some serious time.  These dogs capacity is unreal.)
  • Insights into the dog psychology that make up a great racer
  • Training techniques that Mitch uses and how many of them parallel training that is done for average pets
  • The big motivators that get these sled dogs out and pulling day in and day out
  • Simple training ideas that the average pet owner could use to help train their dog to pull
  • Fun ideas for trips and tours that the Seavey family operates in Alaska.

I’ve got to admit, after hanging up the phone with Mitch I was smiling ear to ear.  The information he shared was so fun and unique and I felt nothing short of pure envy of the life he leads out in the wilds of Alaska with his dogs.  As soon as I can I’m going to get a trip up to Alaska to check out one of his tours.  As Mitch put it in the interview, his running dogs are ‘poetry in motion’ and I can think of few things that more sublimely connect a person with the universe than to witness and work with dogs who have made it their sole purpose to serve humankind.  I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did.

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