Standard Puppy Questions

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Dog Training Puppy Questions

I received an email from a reader of our site with questions about their Cane Corso puppy.  The questions were so common that I thought I’d take a quick moment and answer them.

The questions she had were:

1.  Not coming when she is called.
2.  Always needs to potty, more than usual, poop and wee. No medical issues. And she will wee in the house, even if she has just been out and went.
3. How much should she really weigh, and how much should I be feeding her per day?

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Puppy Training Overview:

  • Don’t expect off leash obedience until you’ve achieved on leash obedience.  Puppies should have leashes on them at all times until they’ve earned the right to be without a leash.
  • Keep a leash on even indoors.  Allowing your puppy to sneak off and go potty will make house training much more difficult.
  • Every dog has different metabolism.  There is no way to say how much an individual dog should eat.  It needs to be based on the individual dog

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