Choosing Hypoallergenic Dogs


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Almost every family would love to have a dog in their home, especially the children. But what if someone in the family has allergy from dogs? Having a dog at home with someone in the family allergic to it can really pose a danger to that person and a big problem to the family. But there is a solution to this problem. And that’s getting a hypoallergenic dog.

No dog is totally hypoallergenic so the allergic person should get exposed to the dog for a while before getting a hypoallergenic dog breed. But some people who are extremely allergic may not tolerate even these hypoallergenic dog breeds. But some could be allergic to some breeds but not to other breeds so it is really just a matter of serious trial and error.

Irritants associated with the dog’s shedding hair could be one of the trigger of the allergy of one person. So dogs that don’t shed a lot could be suitable for people with allergies. This includes Greyhound, Chinese Crested, Terriers Shih Tzu and a lot more. Another thing to consider is the production of dander. Dogs that produce less dander or irritants have a lower possibility of causing allergies. Some of these dogs could be Poodles or the Samoyed.

In some cases, the dog’s saliva is a reason to trigger allergies. This still gives the possibility of even being allergic to a dog that doesn’t have hair that contain danders. Since saliva can trigger allergies, dogs that bark a lot can have these allergens and disperse more of it as saliva is projected farther than danders. Small which we think could be allergen-free could still be carriers of allergens since they are vigorous barkers.

You can reduce the allergens that your dog carries through thorough grooming. Bathe your dogs regularly and brush him often to get rid of loose hairs. It is important to keep your house clean and vacuum regularly to avoid these allergens to sticking around your house.

Having a dog could be pose a danger to someone who has allergies. It could only worsen the persons condition and make his life miserable. Having dogs around could cause an allergic person to have stuffy nose and watery eyes. And worse, constant exposure to these allergens could lead to more serious conditions like asthma. And dogs and an allergic person should not be allowed to be in one house, especially if that person is a child.

When the situation gets worse, chances are you are going to quarantine the dog or even get rid of him and this is really unfair to him.

It is still important that you take into consideration your family’s health before getting a dog though there are a lot of hypoallergenic dog breeds out there. Take all your time to find the right one that is most perfect for you and your family considering you have someone who suffers from allergy.

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