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There are always people who do not want a dog. They purchase them then have no idea what to do with them. Others let their dogs suffer benign neglect catering to the very basics but leaving out the main ingredients – love and respect. There The Dog Rescuers Rescue Groupsare also certain individuals who view dogs as disposable items. They treat them as property doing with them what they wish. With any luck, these suffering animals end up being taken in or handed over to rescue groups.

What Is A Rescue Group?

A rescue group is any group of individuals who have one major purpose. They provide canines with a second chance. They help animals find the home they truly deserve, not the home they got.

These are usually dedicated individuals. They have to be because they are not being paid. There is no financial reward for them. This is not their real job. They do this out of a sense of humanity. They do it for the animals. Within the average rescue group, individuals perform different jobs. Some are in charge of retrieving the dogs from whatever source. Other members act as foster homes. They take over the care and socialization of the animals. They work to ensure the dog is physically and mentally rehabilitated. Not all dogs are in rough physical or mental shape. The foster home is prepared to handle with and nurture all kinds.

Rescue members also act as transport. They arrange for and even personally attend to the transfer of animals. They take the animals to other foster homes. They also arrange for a ride so the animal can reach his or her new home.

There are coordinators, and fund raisers in rescue groups. In fact, members have and fulfill all the functions typical of many traditional animal groups. The major difference is the lack of pay.

Dog Rescues

Rescue groups are frequently focused in their endeavors. Many concentrate on one specific breed of dog. They only rescue purebred. As a result, you can find greyhound rescue groups, bloodhound rescue groups and the like.

There are also rescue organizations that combine purebred breeds. They may save pitbulls and bulldogs. Other groups will save a purebred and its related mixes. In other words, they rescue a specific purebred and any mixed breeds or crosses. They would take in boxers and boxer crosses.

Adopting Through Dog Rescues

Adopting a dog through a rescue agency takes longer than through other adoption agencies. You may have to bend over backwards. You will be asked a lot of questions. They will grill you about your living conditions and lifestyle. They will want to know why you want a dog and why this breed. They will ask where the dog will sleep, what you will feed it and what place it will hold in your day-today activities.

They have just cause to do so. These are dogs who have been abandoned, mistreated or worse. They have had at least 1 home before. Rescue groups want to make sure that this time the home sticks. They want the dog to have a lasting relationship with their new person.

How To Find Them

Rescue groups are easily found. You can locate them through a basic internet search. They also have advertisements or mentions in telephone directories. Other sources include dog magazines and kennel clubs. You may also ask about them at veterinarians and from some animal shelter groups.

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