Watch for Fleas on Your Dog in the Summer


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During the summer months fleas that thrive outdoors. They love to hop on dogs and feed off their blood. Fleas will also come in your house on your pooch and can cause an infestation if you are not vigilant about keeping them off your dog and outside where they belong. There are too many methods of treatment today to let this problem get out of hand.

The best thing to do is to treat the yard, house and the dog all on the same day. This way you can eliminate the fleas from all three and have much less of a problem to deal with during the summer months.

Take the dog to be groomed the day you are going to treat your house and yard. This way you have time for the treatment to settle in before bringing the pet back into the area. At the groomers the dog will be shampooed which will get rid of the fleas. If you use a top spot application on your dog to prevent fleas after grooming is a good time to apply it. Do not use this more often than recommended. There are also flea collars and sprays that can be used. Whichever is the most effective on your dog is the one you should use.

While the dog is at the groomer treat your house. First you need to vacuum the carpet to get what flea eggs and larva you can. This will also loosen the nap. Now there are foggers that can be used in the house, or sprays. With the foggers you have to leave the house for at least 4 hours. Then air out the house before resuming normal activities.

After you treat the house then go treat the whole backyard if this is where the dog runs. The front yard does not necessarily need to be treated unless your dog roams in it. There are treatments that can be sprayed on the yard, check with your veterinarian for recommendations for your area. Let the treatment dry totally before allowing the dog back in the yard. This is why it is good to do while the dog is at the groomer.

All of the dog’s bedding needs to be thoroughly washed or replaced. This will get rid of any hidden eggs or adult fleas that have gotten into it. This way they cannot then jump back on the dog.

By the time you get through with all this the pooch will be ready to come home from the groomers. Have the flea treatment available to put on the dog immediately upon returning home. Now hopefully this one treatment should solve the problem.

Redo the whole process as needed throughout the summer though and other seasons of the year to maintain control over the fleas. You want to be able to enjoy your dog in the summer not fight fleas all season. With a bit a effort you can win the battle over these creatures and just be able to love and have fun with your dog.Information written by Joseph Clark of, where you can find a extraordinary selection of raised dog dishes online.

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