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Ty and Joe Go to the Dogs- Episode 6- Interview With Jennifer Hack


Jennifer Hack is a veteran dog trainer and owner of Island Dog Trainer.  

In this episode we pick her brain on her style of getting results with dogs and their owners.  We talk about how dog trainers and owners can successfully bridge both positive methods and correction, and how that can be a very humane way to train.

We talk about her experience in dog sports, specifically French Ring training and competition, and what that means to her dog owner clients.  Even though they may never compete she’s able to take her experience in sport and help average dog owners get the most from their dog.

We talk about her experiences, her philosophy, and more.  This is a great dog training podcast for the dog owner or dog trainer looking to get better insight into their dog’s life and training.


  • March 3, 2015

    Great interview, the honesty and humility is refreshing, and I appreciate that Jennifer Hack is keeping the common sense in modern dog training.

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