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How to Deal With Dog Aggression and Sensitivity

Dogs can be funny creatures sometimes. It often seems like their conflicting personality traits makes them such unique pets. Such is the case with a lot of the dog aggression cases that we deal with and train. A large portion of the aggressive dogs or dogs working through an aggression problem that we see at …


How To Break Up a Dog Fight

Breaking up a dog fight is something you never want to do. In case you are ever put in the position to have to save your dog or another dog, however, it’s important to know what to do. Not only that, it’s important to know some of the signs that can potentially lead up to …


How to Use an Electric Collar to Solve Dog Aggression

In the world of dog training there are two topics that tend to be at the core of many controversies. I’m referring, of course, to: – Training with Electric Collars (sometimes referred to as shock collars, e-collars, remote trainers, remote collars, etc.) – Fixing dog aggression As Utah’s most recognized and successful company at solving …