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Ty and Joe Go to the Dogs- Episode 7- African Adventures with John Lutenberg

This has been one of the most fun dog training podcasts we’ve done.  John Lutenberg (owner of Canine Training Academy) is a veteran dog trainer.  For decades he has trained dogs for Colorado’s prison system to track down fugitives, find

Ty and Joe Go to the Dogs- Episode 6- Interview With Jennifer Hack

Jennifer Hack is a veteran dog trainer and owner of Island Dog Trainer.   In this episode we pick her brain on her style of getting results with dogs and their owners.  We talk about how dog trainers and owners

Ty and Joe Go to the Dogs- Episode 5- Interview With Mark Keating

Mark Keating is a long time dog trainer, content contributor for Leerburg, and trainer for Red Star Kennel in Wisconsin. Through his years of training he’s developed some unique methods and widespread acclaim for his ability in helping to train

Ty and Joe Go to the Dogs- Episode 4- Interview with Adam Katz

Adam Katz of Dog Problems and Katz Trains Dogs is a dog trainer known around the world. Thanks to his training talents he’s been able to travel the world and experience dog culture across the globe. Listen in to this interview

Ty and Joe Go to the Dogs- Episode 3- How to Socialize A Dog

Socializing a dog may seem like a cut and dry proposition.  In reality, though, most people do it entirely wrong.  Most people erroneously think that exposure to dogs and people is socialization. Or worse, they think that play is socialization.

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