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Why I Use Physical Correction With Dogs But Not Kids

As the father of four daughters I credit my many years as a dog trainer for me being a better dad. I can honestly say that I’m a really good dad. Training dogs has taught me a great deal about how to raise kids. Now, if you know me as a dog trainer you know …


How Much Daily Time Does it Take to Train Your Dog?

Hey dog owner! Everyone wants to know how much time they should dedicate every day to training their dog. I’ve got answers. Watch the video below. Remember These Three Key Dog Training Principles: 1- The Walk You should make it a priority to get your dog a walk every day. The walk isn’t just to …


Getting Around: What Does Socialization Really Mean?

In today’s post, I want to speak a little more about socialization. I’ve written about how almost every dog trainer hates dog parks, but I want to get a little deeper and help people understand what we’re trying to do with socialization. I talk about what not to do, but that doesn’t give a lot …


Making the Cut: Intelligence Versus. Drive

Today I want to make a distinction between intelligence and drive. These are two very different concepts, but they are often confused with each other to a certain degree. People often have incorrect expectations for their dogs based on this misunderstanding. About eight years ago I was invited to do a demonstration with my dog, …


How to Train an Anatolian Shepherd

Want to learn how to transform your Anatolian Shepherd’s behavior? Click here to find out how. The Anatolian Shepherd Dog, also referred to as the Anatolian Karabash, is a large dog breed that originated in Turkey. They were bred to guard sheep herds on the Anatolian plateau in Turkey. This breed can grow up to 30 inches …


Solving Dog Reactivity

A while back we did a live webinar where we brought in a dog who had been dealing with reactivity issues for years. We had hundreds of live viewers and the dog training session has since been viewed thousands of times. Check out the process we go through to teach a dog to stop lunging, …


How to Train Dog with an E-collar

This is a dog training topic I’ve wanted to tackle for a long time. I’ve done tons of videos both free (check out my Youtube page) and paid (check out our dog training DVDs).  I’ve written articles.  I’ve done dog training podcasts. In other words, over the years I’ve produced countless hours of content on …


How to Save upt to 25% on Dog Food, Deal With Less Shedding, Less Poop, Less Teeth Cleanings, and Visit the Vet Less


House Training Formula

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