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First let’s define the difference between a service and therapy dog.

Service Dog: A service dog is defined as a dog that performs a service for a person with a disability.  Disabilities may include anxiety, blindness, autism, PTSD, diabetes, seizures, amongst others.

A Service Dog must actually do a task that mitigates the disability.  What that means is that a dog who’s sole purpose is to provide comfort through their presence DOES NOT qualify as a service dog.  This is an Emotional Support Animal.  Emotional Support Animals are great but they DO NOT have rights of public access.

Service dogs and service dogs in training are granted access into public places such as restaurants, airplanes, hotels, theaters, grocery stores, etc.

There is no federal guideline stating what level of training a service dog has to attain, rather the guidelines for service dogs state that a service dog can’t be a perceived threat to other guests, patrons, or visitors of public places.

Ty the Dog Guy offers a proprietary training program that is designed to ensure that your dog is socialized well enough, trained well enough, and is equipped to accompany you in public in addition to providing a service that mitigates a disability .  Our service dog training is not dependent on the type of disability you may have as that is between you and your doctor.  Our training program is designed to qualify your capacity to be in public with your dog.

A trained service dog cannot be denied access to a public place unless the dog is posing a threat.

Our service dog programs are entirely dependent on what types of service the dog has to do.  Each program we do is customized for the individual dog and service.

We have some programs where we work one-on-one with the dog owner to help them train their service dog.  And other programs involve sending your dog to us for a time to be trained and we teach you how to maintain that training in the long run.

When we train dogs for our clients our guarantee is that if the original dog doesn’t work out we’ll provide a replacement and credit any monies spent towards the new dog. We do this to make sure that once you sign up to get a dog that we’ll get you a dog, even if the first dog fails.

The nature of service dog training is that sometimes dogs do fail out of a program. But we protect our clients in those cases.

We have provided service dogs and training for people with PTSD, diabetes, hearing impairments, autism, mobility issues, and more.

Therapy Dog:  A therapy dog is a dog that is used to give comfort or provide therapeutic support in a number of capacities.  Many therapy dogs will work in hospitals, homes for the elderly, children’s hospitals, etc.

A therapy dog does not have the same rights as a service dog and is not legally granted access to all public places.

Organizations, hospitals, clinics, etc. may set their own standards for what type of certification they will accept for therapy animals in their facilities.  If you are considering getting a certification make sure to inquire with the facility where you wish to give therapy if they accept our certification.

Contact us to customize a training program for your service or therapy dog today

22 comments on “Service and Therapy Dog Training
  1. Pam says:

    We need a Diabetic alert dog for our 22 yr old daughter with diabetes and down syndrome. She is very small, high functioning and a dog lover. We would like to be as involved as possible in the training. Our preference would be a non or light shedding dog like a labradodle or something like that. We will buy a puppy and would love suggestions of good breeders to contact.

  2. Katelyn stimpson says:

    Hello! My psychiatrist recently prescribed a therapy dog for me for depression. How much would your training cost?

  3. Maria Davis says:

    Hello, I have a daughter with Autism and am getting a puppy I want to train with her as a therapy pet. We are looking at Shih Tzu that is around 9weeks old. So I want to know what is involved in Training a therapy pet and what the cost is for it.

  4. ixel moreno says:

    I need to train my dog as a service dog for my 7 yr old autistic Boy, what I need is to prevent he run from us and to calm him down whw he gets ovoverwhelmed when out in the comunity. How much can it cost and how much time can it take?

  5. Jerry bench says:

    I’m a disabled vet with mobility issues and looking to learn more about your program and how it could assist me. Thanks

  6. Kate Bates says:

    How much cost for a seizure dog, either for a already trained one or my own I bring to be trained

  7. Ted Shiffler says:

    I am looking for information on an epilepsy assist dog. I lost my 11 year old lab Jack a few weeks ago to cancer. I have generalized epileptic seizures, and am currently having 3 or more seizures a week.
    I am looking for wait list time, training time, and cost involved.

    I can be reached by email, or by phone at 385-259-5772.

    Thank you,

  8. Kaylee Garrett says:

    Im interested in training my dog for my 5year old autistic son. He’s a 5-6 month old Majestic Coon Hound. Im hoping to eventually get him trained well enough to track my son’s scent as well as being his friend and companion.
    Thanks – KG

  9. admin says:

    We’ve done a lot of that kind of training. Get in touch and we’ll help you out! 801-895-2731

  10. admin says:

    I’ll give you a call. Thanks!

  11. admin says:

    There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before giving a price. Give us a call at 801-895-2731 and we can chat. Thanks!

  12. admin says:

    Thanks, Jerry. Just let us know how we can help

  13. admin says:


    Every case is so unique and customized. We’d need to chat to see what we can do for you. Give us a call at 8018952731 to talk more.

  14. admin says:

    I would generally recommend against a shih tzu for something like this. Give us a call at 801-895-2731 and we can chat more.

  15. admin says:

    A therapy dog or service dog?

  16. nancy says:

    I need help for training a service dog

  17. Sabine says:

    Wow, incredible blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?
    you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is fantastic, as well as the content!

  18. admin says:

    Nancy, you’ve come to the right place. How can we help?

  19. Tyler Pierce says:

    Hello my name is Tyler and I am legally Blind And have had past and bipolar for a great number of years…

    Now that I am getting out of highschool I am worried about my mental and visual welbing

    How do I go about getting a fully trained dog….

  20. admin says:

    Tyler, you’ll need to give us a call at 801-895-2731 to chat more.

  21. Jennifer says:

    I am a 16 year old depressed, alone girl. I love animals and I used to go to a therapist who ended up telling me I’m depressed. So yes I am clinacly depressed. I stopped going because my mother didn’t want me to keep going. I wanted to see how and if I could get a therapy dog. My family rents a house where the landlord said no pets allowed, but allowed our parrot and budgies. My mother is always at work and my Stepfather makes me feel horrible about myself I have one or two friends who I hang out with once or twice a week. I want to give a dog a home, but also have someone I can go to when I need a distraction.

  22. admin says:

    Jennifer, you really do need your parents on board if you’re going to have a service dog.

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