Other Dog Training Programs

In addition to behavior modification and obedience training, puppy training, service dog training, and protection training, there are a few other training services we offer.

Please contact us for current availability and pricing:

Poison Proofing

If you have a concern that a neighbor or other individual may try to poison your dog then poison proofing may be a good idea.

Training Dogs for Film and Television

We have trained dogs for major Hollywood releases and smaller local projects.  We can be available for training, providing dogs, or consulting on your film projects.

Hidden Fence Installation and Training

Through our sister company, Utah Hidden Dog Fence, we offer top end fencing and training programs to keep your pet contained.

AKC – Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

If you are looking to complete your dog’s CGC we have certified evaluators on staff.


Please contact us with any questions about these or our other programs.

2 comments on “Other Dog Training Programs
  1. Rachael Mckenzie says:

    I have two dogs. A 7 year old rhodesian ridgeback who is pretty well trained but who can be aggressive towards other dogs. And a 1 year old recently rescued Great Dane who needs basic training, no pulling on leash, come when called etc. I also need tips on what to do with him when we leave the house as we don’t have room for the enormous dog crate he would require. He is pretty good when we leave as long as he has had exercised and I leave out lots of things for him to play with/chew on. Let me know what kind of training you would recommended and what the rate would be.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Rachael, I’ve tried calling. Feel free to call us at 801-895-2731

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