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Our Team

We’re only as good as the people we have serving our customers. Our main mantras around our building are “Love the dogs and love their owners’. We take that seriously and look forward to serving you, too.


Joe is Ty’s business and training partner and the guy who is in charge of training quality. He’s one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet AND one of the most talented dog trainers out there. 



Dayna came to us as a client with a very difficult dog. Little did she know that dog would change the course of her life, and he would become one of the best sport dogs out there! Dayna began as an apprentice but quickly progressed into a training position. She has two dogs herself (and co-owns 2 more!) She has worked with all of them a lot and has turned them into amazing four legged friends.


Jessica J & Andrew: 

Jessica J is another client turned trainer who realized how much she loved training dogs! Her and her husband ,Andrew, make quite the team with their pack, including 2 corgis, a shiba, and a malinois! 


Jessica A:

Jessica A started as a client and quickly learned she loved training.

She has trained many of her own service dogs and has become a master at it!



Sarah started as a client while working in Idaho in a dog daycare.Her skill and passion for training, though, won over and we were lucky to bring her on as a trainer. She excels at helping walk clients through the process required to get a dog trained. She has been such an important part of our company and we love to see her family grow as our company also grows! 


Taya came to us as a client and started shadowing shortly after her dog’s bootcamp. Already coming to us with knowledge and passion, Taya dove head first into the dog training community and hasn’t looked back. She continues to pursue her dog training education through workshops and weekends away at seminars. Her and her service dog Boo are a welcome addition to our team.



Amber comes to us from a dog sport and service dog background. Her passion for dogs led her into her position as a trainer in our Utah location. 



 It’s all in the family for Ben. He’s Sarah’s brother and started working for us as a teenager. Years later he’s a talented trainer helping dog owners across Utah. 



Is our Office Manager. She is the cheery voice you hear on the phone and the person who processes your payments! Megan came to us in 2018 and has been a wonder in the office ever since. She loves this job because it means she gets to help people live their best life with their dog AND she gets to spend everyday with her own dog, Tennessee. 



Haley, in a way, is the face of our company! She is the one you see in the dog training videos and loves everything about this company. She started off in sales and has worked her way up as our Office Support Staff. She helps Megan and the trainers connect with our clients and makes sure nothing slips through the cracks.


Lindy & Shannon:

Lindy and Shannon are part of our Sale’s staff. Both  have a passion for dogs and our company! Both Lindy and Shannon came to us as clients first and loved our company so much, they wanted to be apart of it!



Harish is from INDIA and has years of experience in website development. He is handling all the online stuff and helps us connect with you.



Darren heads up Ty the Dog Guy, Savannah. Darren, is Ty’s brother and has been working with him for years. After serving his time in the military he is now settled down and training dogs in the deep South. 



Randy is the lead trainer at Ty the Dog Guy, Charleston. His passion for dogs got him into training and he loves serving dog owners in the Low Country. 



Brianna heads up Ty the Dog Guy, Nashville. She got her start with us in Utah but, due to a family move, opened up our Nashville location

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