Puppy Training

If your dog is above 5 months old we have two signature programs available.  Our Puppy Training programs are designed for dogs under 5 months old.

For current Utah puppy training programs and prices click the yellow button below. For out of Utah dog owners needing help with their puppies find the link below for our Raising the Perfect Puppy DVD Program.

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Puppies are great!  Except for when they aren’t.

As cute and snuggly and adorable that puppies are it’s no secret that they can be a huge challenge.  

Puppies often potty indoors, bite, nip, jump, chew, whine, bark, and do a whole other host of problematic behavior. At our dog training company we absolutely address these issues and teach our clients who to deal with problem puppy behavior. But we look at puppy training as much more than that.  

We look at puppy training as setting the foundation for the next 10-15 years being much easier, happier, with dogs that are confident and well-balanced.

What that means is creating a solid leader/follower relationship from a young age.  It means socialization that is done right (and, no, going to the dog park is DEFINITELY NOT the right way to be socializing your dog).  It means creating habits and training that builds confidence.  It means NOT bribing your puppy with food for every behavior and teaching a pup from a young age to be entitled through constant treats.

So, yes, there are specific and concrete things that every dog owner should do with their puppy.  But our training is more about creating the right mindset for the owner so that training the puppy becomes much easier.

Puppies mature at different speeds depending on the individual, the breed, the size, and more.  For the purposes of our training programs, though, they are designed for puppies under the age of five months.  At five months of age most dogs are now capable of doing more.  They are capable of bigger things.  

After five months of age we recommend one of our adult dog training programs, either the Transform Your Dog in 60 Days Program or our Perfect Dog Program.

If you’ve got a puppy under five months of age and are looking to get things started right then we’ve got a few options to help you with your dog. If you live outside of Utah and can’t come to our training facility then we recommend our Raising the Perfect Puppy DVD program.  We’ll get it shipped out right away and you can start training your puppy right. If you live within range where you can come to our training facility then we’ve got a few different training programs available.  As our prices frequently go up we don’t list the pricing on this page.  To get the current pricing click on the link below. We look forward to helping you with your puppy!  

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  1. Megan Exceen says:

    Hi there. We are getting a ChiBug puppy this coming up weekend and we were going to see if we were able to use her as a service dog… what do we need to do for this? I am available tomorrow the 27th of January all day til about 4pm if you want to contact me via phone (801-560-8475). Or you can just email me with information as well 🙂 Thank you 🙂


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