Transform Your Dog in 60 Days Vs. Perfect Dog

We offer two main programs for helping you with your dog training goals.  Our “Transform Your Dog in 60 Days” program and “Perfect Dog” programs offer two unique ways to get over aggression problems, train a puppy, solve anxiety, stop problem barking, halt destruction, and so much more.

Watch the video or read the text below to see the main differences in these two training programs.


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 The main differences between our two programs are:

1- Our Transform Your Dog in 60 Days program is very structured.   At the outset of your program we require to put all appointments on the calendar ahead of time.  Each participant will have very specific homework and will be required to watch DVDs on ‘off-weeks’.  

Strict?  Absolutely.  We’ve found that the strictness sets this program apart and gets the best results available anywhere.  If you can invest two months into this program the next decade of dog ownership will be so much easier.

This is literally one of the most unique dog training programs in the country right now.  We’re achieving results with this program that other trainers can not match.


2- Our Perfect Dog programs also have specific homework but timelines and goals are more fluid.  Mainly, the thing that separates the two is the tone that we give to it.  The Transform Your Dog program is a hard sprint to the finish line vs. a brisk walk.  It’s a Master’s Degree vs. a Bachelor’s Degree.    

In both programs we expect hard work, adherence to the set appointments, and having lots of fun.   Read some of the following articles regarding how we deal with some of the most common dog training problems with our Utah dog owner clients:

– How to solve dog aggression

– How to fix destruction: chewing, digging, etc.

– Other behavior problems

– Dog hyperactivity

– Dog training commands 

– Dog training distractions

– House training a puppy or dog

– Create the proper relationship through obedience


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Here is a video where I outline some of the different dog training methods we use and some of the dog training tools that are keys to success:

Get to know our facility a little bit-

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