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How to Train an Australian Terrier


how-to-train-an-australian-terrier-150x150Want to learn how to transform your Australian Terrier’s behavior? Click here to find out how.

The Australian Terrier is an Australian breed that was designed to hunt and kill vermin and snakes. They were bred from a variety of English terriers including the Dandie Dinmont, the Irish Terrier, the Yorkshire Terrier, and the Cairn Terrier. They are a small dog breed that only grows to be about 10 inches tall and they can weigh up to 14 pounds. This breed has a problem with their kneecaps, skin, and hip joints. You should watch your dog for problems with these body parts.

The Australian Terrier is a very active, bouncy, and lively dog. They make great companions for older children and for the elderly. They do great as the only pet in a household, and they also function well in a multi-pet household. Their personality makes them a great watch-dog, but their size makes them unsuitable for a guard dog position.

To care for this dog you will need to brush their coat a couple of times a week. This will
stimulate their oil glands to secrete a shiny coating for their top coat and help to keep their skin moisturized and healthy. Bathing should only be done on an as needed basis. This breed does not need a lot of exercise but they do enjoy a daily stroll through the park or free time in a fenced yard. They are naturally a compliant dog that wants to please you, however, obedience training is still a good idea.

As with all terriers training should start from an early age.  Training should be firm but fair.

Want to learn how to transform your Australian Terrier’s behavior? Click here to find out how.

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