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Reliably Trained Service Dogs


There is a big problem in the service dog world. In the world of service dogs there are autistic service dogs, diabetic alert dogs, seeing eye dogs, dogs for people with PTSD and much, much more.

While the tasks these dogs do vary widely there is one thing that every service dog needs. Every one of these dogs must be highly obedient in public. Therein lies the problem. Most service dog companies these days have bowed down to the politically correct crowd.

Even though ‘positive only’ and treat-based dog training have been shown time and time again to be less effective many dog training groups insist on training with such methods. The downsides? The training takes FOREVER. In the video below you’ll see progress we’ve made in a single month. To get to that level of training with treat based training takes months if not years. The training is less reliable. When there are no consequences for bad behavior you’ll find a much less reliably trained dog.

Now, for most tasks we train a service dog to do we do so with mostly positive reinforcement. If we’re training the dog to find a lost child, alert to low blood sugar, or comfort someone with PTSD we do so mainly with positive means. But if we’re looking to have a dog be totally reliable in public than a stabilized approach is the only way to go.

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