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The Ten Minute Turnaround- Helping a Dog Deal With Aggression in Minutes


One of the great things about dog training is that dogs can teach us such amazing lessons.  So many dogs are willing to give up bad behaviors and turn the corner in just minutes if you just show them how.
The following dog training case study is one of those times.
No, the dog is nowhere close to ‘fixed’ or ‘trained’.
But, as you’ll be able to see in the video, the dog is able to make BIG strides in under ten minutes.
What is your dog dealing with?
Aggression?  Anxiety?  Fear?  Disobedience?  Barking?  Destruction?
Done right, trained well, and communicated properly you can start to see results on just about any dog behavior problem in mere minutes.
In this dog training video we go over how to use the e-collar (electric dog training collar) properly in order to actually HELP the dog through a fear issue.
Many will tell you that remote collar training will make a dog MORE nervous or afraid.  If it’s done wrong, they’re correct.
If it’s done right, though, it can be a way to quickly and humanely start to move the needle in the right direction on your dog’s behavior.


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