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Using an Electric Collar to Help Solve Dog Aggression


There are many myths and misconceptions about electric training collars.  Most of them have their basis in good intentions but lack of education.
The truth is that an e-collar CAN cause problems for a dog when used improperly.  When used properly, though, it can drastically cut into the time it traditionally takes to help a dog work through an anxiety or aggression problem.
What that means to your dog is an easier and more complete route to getting their help.
Many dog trainers, though, aren’t familiar on HOW to use an electric collar to solve dog aggression and other similar challenges.
It’s counterintuitive.  But once you understand the fundamentals you can really help your dog move forward.
Enjoy the video.


  • February 2, 2017

    What ecollar do you recommend? Or what features should I look for? I rescued two puppies a year ago and they are steadily getting more aggressive with my horses and one of them just nipped my horse in the nose. We are considering using an ecollar to train.

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