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How to Solve Dog Aggression- Pit Bull Case Study


At our Utah dog training company we have become known for solving some of the bigger aggression cases in the state. While every dog is different there is a definite formula or system that can be applied to just about any dog with any type of aggression that can dramatically improve their behavior. Often in a very short period of time.

Check out the following training case study.

In this case study we show the training progression that we take a dog through in our dog training boot camp (board and train program).

Watch the case study below:

There are several key points that we go through with any rehabilitation case:

– We need to dramatically increase the level of obedience. This is a big one. Obedience comes from a very controlled, relaxed, and structured state of mind. Aggression comes from a very chaotic state of mind. When we insist on structure we insist on no chaos.

– Dogs with aggression are dogs that need to learn focus. Dogs that have aggressive problems are dogs who get so focused on an outside stimuli and don’t know how to break that focus. Learning to focus on us as owners and handlers teaches them how to think and process their stress.

Aggression page DvD Graphics

– You need to choose proper ‘rehab partners’. One big mistake that dog owners make is they go to a dog park to ‘socialize’ their dog. In most cases it was the dog park that caused the problem and it certainly isn’t going to fix it. Socialization needs to involve Volume, Variety, and Control. You won’t find much control at dog parks, better to stay away.

– You need to rehabilitate your dog in stages. As your dog learns or masters a skill we add. If the dog backslides we pause the process. Trying to go faster than the dog is capable of is a recipe for disaster.

Make sure to contact us for your dog training needs if you have a dog struggling with aggression problems.


  • March 17, 2017

    Having a problem with a Christmas puppy growing fast but Bullying all the animals in the home, especially a 10yo Chichaua/ Terrier mix and 2 rabbits. He will chase, cage them under him, steal their food and water..yes, bunny kibbles, causing chaos and harrassment.
    We did purcjase the Pinch Collar and line and did manage some control.
    It’s my son & girlfiend’s dogs and i am the 63yo Disabled Grandmother who takes care of them while they work, shop, appts, etc. I have problems with my knees, hips, & feet and spend half my nights tracking all ths down!
    They would all be worn out by the time they get home..but have been home MORE recently to see what goes on.
    Dodger can be very defiant and a little vocal @ times! He’ s usually a good pup i talk and praise him alot.
    How can we stop this Dominant King??!

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