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Archives - September 2016


Day In, Day Out: Coping Effectively With Stress

I want to spit some science at you today. A lot of you out there know me as an esteemed, renowned scientist—and if that’s the case, I don’t know who you’re watching! I’m not a scientist at all. But I was talking with a client today, who happened to be a psychologist, about a recent …


Don’t Be A Dirtbag: How Habits Shape Behavior

This post’s topic is a bit unusual. I want to talk about how I used to be a big dirtbag. Okay, maybe I wasn’t that huge of a dirtbag, but it definitely used to be a part of my personality. (Some people that know me today might say that it still is, but we’ll forget …


Calm Over Crazy: Crafting A Good Mindset

Today I want to write a little about ways that we can create mindset. We talk about mindset a lot because it’s the first step to achieving the correct behavior. When your mindset is right, behaving well is laughably easy. But most people struggle to get their dog’s mindset in the right place. They might …


Stay Put: Conquering Anxiety

In this post, I’d like to introduce you to a technique I’ve been doing with certain dogs who have anxiety problems. Anxiety issues are huge for many dogs. Sometimes they’re big and the dog is terrified of everything. Sometimes they’re small and the dog is just a little bit anxious when he’s around people or …


In Praise of “Boring” Training

In this post, I’d like to share some of my thoughts about how boring dog training is. Now, I don’t mean what you’re probably thinking! Training is my profession, and it’s also been my passion since I was a teenager. I love it. But I’ve had a few experiences recently that helped me realize how …


Context, Context: Prepared For Anything

Today I want to write a little bit about context, an important element of training that a lot of owners simply don’t consider at all. Let me illustrate this concept with a very easy example: a dog that sits. A lot of people come to us and say “My dog’s trained, he knows how to …


It’s All Greek To Me: Does Language Matter?

Today I want to dispel two of the main myths I see related to dog training commands, both of which are related to the language that we use. The first myth I see all the time is that some commands are better or worse than others. In a sense this idea is true, but not …


On Guard: Understanding Protection Dogs

Today’s article is going to break a few hearts. Every time I talk about the topic I’m about the delve into I feel awful, because I’m destroying someone’s idea about their dog. But I think that it’s crucial for people to understand. The myth I’m going to bust today is the idea that your dogs …


The Real World: A Word On Management

In this post, I want to offer some words of caution about the concept of management, a term that is often used by dog trainers. All this means is setting up an environment where your dog can have success. We work with a lot of dogs who have aggression problems, and can often do an …

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