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Spring Cleaning: Structuring Motion and Silence

Right now, it’s starting to feel a little bit like spring in Utah. It seemed like winter lasted forever! We had two inches of snow down here in the valley last week, and there’s still snow on the mountains. Utah Sometimes it feels like winter ends in May and spring only lasts a month until …


How To Use Repetition in Dog Training

In this post, I want to ask you to do something. You don’t need to do it right now, especially if you’re at school or in your office or at another public place. (In fact, if that’s the case, please save this task for later!) The next time you’re getting dressed, put your pants on …


Dog Obedience Myths: “Selective Listening

This post might be out to burst your bubble, because in it I want to talk about selective hearing. Here’s why what I’m about to say might disappoint you: dogs don’t have selective hearing in quite the way you think they do. Selective hearing is what most people blame when they say things like: “Sometimes …


How To Keep Dog Training Fresh

Today it’s raining at my house, which is normal for April in Utah. April showers—hopefully they bring flowers like they’re supposed to! I love summer. I love not worrying about wearing shoes. I love leaving the house in shorts and no jacket without worrying about getting cold. I hate the rain and the snow and …


Survival of the Fittest, Weakness and Leadership

In today’s post, I want to address the topic of weakness. Now, we like to believe that we’ve evolved to a level where we don’t pick on the weak, at least as adults. As an adult, I know that . As a kid, I definitely picked on those who were weaker at times and got …


How To Walk And Heel Responsibly

I want to talk about driving the car. A few days ago, I was working with a client who was making a small error, an error that plenty of people make and that can be fixed pretty easily. It reminded me of a story from when I was a kid. When I was sixteen years …


Dog Training As Insurance

In this post, I want to talk about insurance. The other day, I started to think about investing in dog training kind of reminds me of the way that people . When I say “investing,” I am talking partially about money, but I’m also talking about effort and time and engagement—everything that goes into the …


How To Train Dog With E-Collars

In this post, I want to address some of the challenges of the electric training collar. Those of you who know a little about my company know that we use these collars with most of our clients. We do this because, done correctly, the collar allows us to get to an advanced level of off-leash …


What’s The Deal With Dog Training?

In this post, I want to address what dog training really is. I have a very linear mindset, and I’m always trying to fit things into a logical, “A-to-B” framework. When I do reduce dog training to its core, I come up with one concept: controlling outcomes. If you can manage that for a long …

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