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Ty the Dog Guy Dog Training Comes to Charleston, South Carolina

Ty the Dog Guy Dog Training Comes to Charleston, South Carolina

One of the largest and most award winning dog training companies in the United States is coming to the Low Country.

Ty the Dog Guy Dog Training, based in Salt Lake City, is opening up a branch in Charleston, South Carolina.

“Our dog training business has always been about community. We form an important part of the community in helping dog owners better relate to their dog,” founder and President, Ty Brown said. “We’re excited to bring that same sense of community here to Charleston.”

Founded in 2006, Ty the Dog Guy has been awarded the Best of State dog training company in Utah 10 times, counts 12 team members including dog trainers, administrative staff, and marketing team.

The company also has relationships with multiple service dog organizations from around the country, training service dogs for veterans with PTSD, children with autism, and adults and children with mobility challenges.

For pet dog owners the company has become widely known for it’s Transform Your Dog in 60 Days program which helps dog owners overcome any dog problem as well as gain complete obedience control in 60 days or less.

This program has inspired dog owners from around the world to fly Ty in to learn his special brand of dog training.

“To date I’ve had clients in seven countries and two dozen states. I even had some dog owner in Oman in the Middle East bring me out to teach their family how to work well with their large amount of dogs,” Brown said. “I’ve been lucky enough to train dogs for some of the most famous people around including Shaquille O’Neil and Jesse Ventura. But, at the end of the day, all dogs can be trained no matter who their owner is.”

The company uses what is called a ‘balanced approach’ to dog training which includes lots of positive motivation for encouraging desired behavior combined with humane correction to discourage unwanted behavior.

They are currently taking new bookings for clients in the Charleston area to help with puppy training, fixing aggression, getting rid of behavior problems, as well as advanced on and off leash obedience.

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