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About Joe Tomsich

I’m Joe Tomsich and I am the lead training director for Ty the Dog Guy.

For years I’ve been involved in many aspects of dog care and training. I’ve been involved with obedience training, conformation showing and competition, and protection and sport training.

I’ve titled my own dog in competition and love studying, researching, and becoming better at my chosen craft of dog training. Together with Ty we’ve developed Utah’s most intensive service dog training and protection dog training programs as well as programs for solving all of dog owner’s most frustrating problems with their dogs.

For several years I’ve run the training and customer care side of our business and welcome new dogs and new challenges every day.

In addition, I work with Ty on our dog training podcast, Ty and Joe Go to the Dogs.  Listen in and watch for my videos on our blog and on our Facebook page.

I’m proud to bring Utah’s best dog training solutions to the residents of Utah and I look forward to helping you with your dog. Whether you’ve got a puppy that just needs to learn the basics or you need to fix an aggressive dog, off leash train an adult dog, fix a housebreaking problem or any other issue I can help you accomplish that goal.

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