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Teeth and (Cock)tails: Choosing Canine Friends

Today, I’m at home doing some work and trying to get up the nerve to take my dog for a walk in the rain. I hope the weather is better where you are! I thought that while I was waiting around inside I would write up a few blog posts. One topic that comes to …


Airport Blues: Leadership In Action

Yesterday I had to go to the airport to pick up a dog, and it reminded me of my last time there. At the Salt Lake city Airport, if you’ll be gone for a few days and need to park, you insert your credit card to open the gate. You go in and park, and …


Knowing Yourself, Growing Yourself: Leadership in Training

In today’s post, I’d like to address the topic of about training as it relates to your dog. My dad is an awesome guy. For my whole life, he’s been in sales: sales training, leadership training, and helping people in his field succeed. Even when I was a kid, I read business magazines and books …


How to Train a Leash Reactive Dog By Training Focus First

I’m a linear thinker so I to go step by step in diagnosing and solving behavior problems. Let’s apply that to leash reactivity. Let’s think- What causes the reactivity? It’s typically anxiety combined with a lack of leadership. When a dog is feeling anxious what do they do? They look around at everything else to …


How to Train a Dog Who Doesn’t Want to Walk on a Leash

Do you have a dog who won’t walk on a leash and you want to learn how to train a dog who doesn’t want to walk on a leash? Here’s the thing. When a dog doesn’t want to walk on a leash it’s usually because the dog is scared or weirded out by the leash. …


Survival of the Meanest: When Dogs Aren’t Nice

Don’t get me wrong: I love dogs! However, they can sometimes be real jerks. What we don’t often realize is that we often think this because we’re looking at them from our own perspective. Today I was talking to a client who had three dogs, one of who had passed away. When the one dog …


Act Up, Act Out: Is My Dog Spiteful?

Spite is one of the most human emotions. When something happens that we don’t like, we often like to punish other people because of this feeling. Here’s an example: if someone does something their spouse hates, their spouse might withhold attention or even intentionally do something they know the person hates out of spite. Our …


FAQ: Basics of Puppy Training

I thought I would write a quick post from work, focused on a question that I receive a lot. This question came from someone who bought my video on how to raise the perfect puppy, and who had questions abut Her first question: “What type of crate do you recommend—wire crate or plastic mold?” I …


Unconditionally Loved: Giving Attention Wisely

My last post was about the proverb “you pet what you get,” and that got me thinking more and more about the affection we give our dogs—enough that I wanted to dedicate another podcast to it. Unfortunately, lots of dog owners approach this topic wrong, and it sets their dog up for some problems. You …

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