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Crate Training To Promote Relaxation

Recently I’ve been thinking about the difference between simply relaxing and actually shutting down your brain. This topic has been on my mind because of a conversation I had with a client about giving their dog some down time. This was especially necessary in this case because the dog was a service animal who has …


Changing Behavior One Step At A Time

Today I’d like to talk about something I call “bite-sized chunks.” This is a concept I use tot show clients how to bring about complex behavior changes in their dogs. Now, a complex task for a dog is very different from a complex task for us. If someone were to tell me to go upstairs, …


Building Baselines: A New Solution To Aggression

Right now I’m working a lot with a dog named Barney. Barney came to us, for training in Salt Lake City, all the way from Virginia. It’s a long journey—across the country—but Barney needs serious work with his aggression problem. His owners have tried a lot of different things and been unsuccessful, so I’m trying …


Train Your Small Dog

Recently, I’ve been helping a little girl named Luna through our boot camp. As I was working with Luna, I realized that 80% of the dogs we work with are medium or large dogs, and only  about twenty percent would be called small dogs. People who are interested in finding a dog trainer here in …


How Proactive Correction Can Fix Mistakes

Today I want to talk about teaching your dog to fix mistakes. This idea came to me during a men’s group at church, where we were talking about the difference between acting and being acted upon. In our lives, we essentially have those two options. You probably know yourself as someone who fits one of …


Crossing the Finish Line: The Power of Small Changes

I currently have my arm in a sling. You may not think that has anything to do with dog training, but I can usually get a training lesson out of almost every major life event! Here’s what happened: I was at the gym the other day, trying to get in better shape. I’m not in …


Swimming Through Stress: How Correction Changes Your Dog’s Perspective

Today I was down at my community lake, which brought to my mind the many times I’ve worked with dogs in the water. I have had lots of clients in the so-called “Sun Belt”—areas such as California, Texas, Arizona, Mexico, and even the south of Spain. Since most of these places are very hot, people …


Path to Results, Part 3: Practicing Consistency

In the past few posts I’ve been discussing tools, techniques, and consistency, which I believe are the only three things standing between you and the results that you want for your dog. I’ve written about having the right tools and making sure they fit properly. Then I talked about making sure we have the right …


Path To Results, Part 2: Examining Your Technique

Today I want to give you some more information about tools, technique, and consistency, which I’ve said before are the only things standing between you and the results you want to have with your dog. Those are the three categories of mistakes that you’re making right now, and they’re leading to you not getting the …

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