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How Duration Work Can Make A Happy, Healthy Dog

In this post, I’d like to talk about the power of duration work, by which I simply mean doing something for an extended period of time. It’s highly uncommon for a dog not to know how to sit. Many also know how to lie down. A few more know how to come when called or …


Focus On Focus: How Concentration Can Beat Adrenaline

Today I’d like to talk a little bit about adrenaline. I’m not going to give an explanation of what adrenaline is on a chemical level—this isn’t a science talk! Instead, I’d like to share a bit about how adrenaline affects your dog and his behavior. If I take my dog out for a walk, wandering …


Path to Results, Part 1: Understanding Tools

Today, I want to tell you about the three things that are standing in between you and the results you want from your training efforts. There are a million mistakes we can make, but there are only three categories of mistakes: tool problems, technique problems, and consistency problems. One of the biggest reasons that people …


Time To Unwind: Teaching Your Dog To Relax

Since I was about fourteen, I’ve been constantly working. I started working for a dog trainer when I was fourteen. Later, I had plenty of other jobs until I was able to make training my full-time profession, but I was always working a lot. So until now, I’ve never really developed a lot of hobbies. …


Balancing the Equation: Tips For Managing Your Dog’s Misbehavior

Believe it or not, your dog understands equations. Not on a human level, of course, but there is still an element of comprehension in their minds. Let me illustrate this using an example. If I have a tasty piece of meat sitting on the kitchen counter and I’m standing beside it, my dog will leave …


Set For Success: Giving Your Puppy A Healthy Foundation

Recently, I’ve been thinking about a trend that I see among many puppy owners. I frequently talk to puppy owners who want to make sure that their dogs never bite anyone or misbehave in any way. In other words, they want to hedge their bets.These people come in with the right mindset: they’re ready to …


Is Correction Training Humane?

For the past decade, there has been a non-adversive movement in dog training that rejects correction in favor of positive reinforcement. Unfortunately, this trend is sponsored more by public relations and feel-good sentiments than by actual science about the way that dogs learn. According to this philosophy, undesirable behaviors should be ignored or avoided by …


Breaking In the Backyard: Tips For Taking Your Dog Outdoors

Spending more time outside in the beautiful Utah spring has reminded me that many owners envision their backyard as their dog’s domain. Over the years I’ve noticed that, of the hundreds of clients I speak with every year, only one or two have full-time backyard dogs. Very few good dog owners keep their dogs outdoors …


Start the Day Off Right: Making Sense of the Collateral Effect

One idea that I often come back to is the “collateral effect.” This concept doesn’t just apply to your dog—it also applies to you. Imagine that you begin every day by drinking a smoothie and meditating, or a long jog and some time with your children, or maybe eating a healthy breakfast and reading a …

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