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New Tricks: Encouraging Your Dog’s Proactivity

Today I’d like to share a phrase that I use quite a lot with my clients: “The more proactive your dog is in fixing their mistake, the sooner they won’t make that mistake.” Let me bring in an example to illustrate this concept: leash pulling. We work on this problem a lot with clients, because …


Living In The Present: The Key To Association Training

In this post, I’d like to write a little about the present tense verb. No, I’m not talking about English class! What I would like to speak about is a misconception I have noticed among dog owners. They’ll say things like: “I come home and I know that my dog pooped on the floor. He …


Five’s A Crowd: How Friends Influence Your Dog

Today I want to write a little about the sum of your friends. There’s a statement on this topic that I’ve heard many times over the years, almost always from motivational speakers and others of that variety. Now, I know that sometimes motivational speakers are just trying to sell a book or a course, so …


It Doesn’t “Just Happen”: Solving Problems Early

Tomorrow, I’m going to the dentist for a root canal. I’ve never had one before. I feel lucky that, in my entire life, I’ve only had one cavity. All those years ago, when I was eighteen, I got the cavity filled and then I didn’t think about it for the next fifteen or twenty years. …


On the Loose: Handling Freedom And Supervision

Today I want to talk about freedom for your dog. This is an idea that often presents me with something of an idealogical conundrum, but I’m going to take the plunge because I think that the way we think about freedom has huge implications on our dog training. Now, I certainly don’t want to get …


What Do I Do Now?: Asking The Right Questions

Albert Einstein said a lot of intelligent things, but one of his statements has always particularly stuck out to me. In fact, it’s one of my favorite quotes from anyone, and I think of it frequently in my dog training career. Here it is: “If I had an hour to solve a problem and my …


A Second Perspective on the Spaying and Neutering Question

My dog Chocolate Chip is currently in heat. Go ahead, gasp in horror! I’m used to it, because I take quite a bit criticism for this. There are a lot of people out there who say that you absolutely must have your dogs spayed or neutered, and the earlier the better. Before we dive further …


Rules, Rules, Rules: Handling New information

In this post, I want to talk about breaking the dog training rules. That sounds controversial, but I’m really just referring to the habit of clinging to the first “rule” you hear about a dog training topic. When people want to learn more about dog training, they generally read a book or talk to their …


Calling the Shots: Managing Kids and Pets

Today I’d like to talk to you about a troubling sentiment that I hear quite a lot from new dog owners. It came to mind because of a conversation that I recently had with a client. This individual was explaining to me how they needed to get some training for their dog, who was aggressive …

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