Transformative Dog Training in Salt Lake City, Nashville, and Charleston, SC

For Dogs Over 5 Months Old

Who Else Wants to Get Rid of Every Dog Behavior Problem in 60 Days or Less?

Our TYD60 Program is unique. One of a kind.


It’s been used by dog owners across Utah and across the world. It’s been successful with big dogs, small dogs, and medium dogs.

It’s worked for owners that are experienced with dogs and first time pet parents.

This program has had MAJOR success in solving all types of aggression (human, dog, resource, child, etc.), anxiety (whining, pacing, barking, separation), house training problems (often by the second day), destruction problems, jumping, not coming when called, leash pulling, and so much more.

This program has worked for dogs that are 4 months old all the way to an 11 year old dog.

The reason we have so much success is that it sets the right foundation. It helps your dog think right. Through a systematic process we fix relationship problems, teach dogs how to think in a calm way.

Most dog training programs and dog trainers address the problem as it occurs. While this isn’t wrong, it ignores the ROOT of the problem.

The TYD60 program solves that root cause. It helps establish the right relationship with the dog, helps the dog become a problems solver and make good choices, and helps both dog and owner work together as a team.

And because the TYD60 plan has three options; Lite, Private, and Boot Camp it’s custom tailored for your exact needs. Whether we’re talking about a dog who simply needs to stop jumping and pulling on the leash or a dog who has deep rooted problems, this program can help you and your dog.

Read down below to see more information on this program including articles on how we train, case study success stories, and even an extensive preview into the program and how it works.

See what these three dog owners had to say about going through the program:

Watch This Preview into Our Transform Your Dog in 60 Days Program

In this hour long video you’ll see a condensed version of everything that we teach in our TYD60 program.
Check it out, see if it’s the right program for you and your dog.
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