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For Puppies Under 5 Months Old

Puppies are great!


puppy triaining ty the dog guyPuppies are great!

But, boy, can they cause a lot of problems.

But there are even bigger problems that we’ve noticed when it comes to puppy training programs, puppy training group classes, and puppy training classes in general.

The problem is…

You spend all this time and effort working with the puppy on house training, good manners like no nipping, chewing, stealing, barking, you work on beginner’s obedience, and you work on socialization…

Only to quickly find that your dog is a juvenile or an adult and has a WHOLE NEW set of problems.

And it’s like you’ve got to start over.

We’ve come to realize that almost no one is happy with puppy training because it stops at puppy training.  And it feels like they’ve got to start over once the dog is older.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you can SKIP puppy training.  That would make things WAY WORSE.

But it does mean that things need to change.

We’ve solved this problem.

Our world famous Transform Your Dog in 60 Days Program (TYD60) is for dogs that are about 5-6 months old.

But if you’ve got a 2-5 month old puppy we want to help you get ready.

So we’re going to give you our puppy course for free.

Not kidding.

We run several per month, you’ll be able to join in at no cost.

Save that $200 you were going to give to a big box retailer and come join our classes instead.

Why would we do this?

Well, like most puppies, we’re sneaky 🙂

We know that most of you are going to need help BEYOND the puppy stage and will hire us to help you get your juvenile or adult dog fully trained.

This way, we can walk you through the WHOLE process from puppy to adult and beyond.

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