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Salt Lake CIty's Most Unique Dog Bath,
Brush, and Grooming Service

I know the problem you often have with your dog. Your dog got in some mud, or the kid spilled something on her, or it’s just been a few weeks and it’s starting to get stinky.

I also know that it’s not fun to load the dog into the tub, deal with the squirming and splashing, and then have a bathroom that is hot and sticky and smells like dog.

But if you don’t do it, or make an appointment at the groomer, then the dog goes a month or two without getting bathed and you’re starting to have some problems. I know how it goes.

So we fixed that problem.

On the left hand side below you’ll see a space where you can get a price quote. It’s a monthly membership.

You pay one fee a month and you can bring your dog in as many times as you’d like for a bath and brush. (We’ll also throw in an ear clean and other nice stuff as well)

No limits. No waiting for the appointment that you set for two weeks from now but your dog stinks RIGHT NOW. No more loading the dog into the shower and finding fur in there for weeks.

One low price. And you’ll never have a stinky, messy dog again.

If you want full grooms we can add little things on top of your membership like teeth cleaning, cuts and trims, or other services as you need them.

Or if you don’t want the membership and just want a full groom from time to time look to the information below and to the right.

Either way, we’ve got trained an excellent groomers ready to help you out.

See you soon!

Salt Lake CIty's Most Unique Dog Bath, Brush, and Grooming Service

Unlimited Bath and Brush

Your unlimited bath and brush pricing is dependent on your dog’s size and coat. Enter your info below and you’ll get an immediate pricing quote.

Premium Grooming Services

A premium groom includes a bath and brush in addition to other services including cutting, sculpting, nails, glands, coloring, de-matting, and more. Dog owners who are members of our Monthly Unlimited Bath and Brush Club can take advantage of these services for a small fee in addition to their monthly membership. Dog owners not taking advantage of of our Monthly Unlimited Bath and Brush Club are invited to use our Premium Grooming Services. Pricing will depend on service, size, and coat type of the dog. To get a phone quote please call- 801-895-2731

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