Transformative Dog Training in Salt Lake City, Nashville, and Charleston, SC

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Dog Trainers

As is tradition at Ty the Dog Guy we find our trainers in a very unique way.

They typically start as clients, getting help with their own dogs.

From there they develop a passion. After putting in hundreds of hours apprenticing and learning how we do our famous Transform Your Dog in 60 Days program they come on board and start offering world class results to our clients.

Such is the story with Brianna Carter.

A dog nerd and passionate about training she has made the leap from Salt Lake City to Nashville, Tennessee to open up a location of Ty the Dog Guy.

In Nashville she offers the same high quality Transform Your Dog in 60 Days program as offered in our other locations.

Whether it’s training a puppy up right from the beginning or working through behavioral challenges with an adult dog, reach out to us for help in the Nashville area.

Nashville Dog Trainers
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