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Salt Lake City, Utah

This is where it all started!

Back in 2006 Ty Brown had recently left a dog training company in Boston where he had spent years traveling around the world delivering protection dogs to the rich and famous.

Moving to Utah, though, Ty focused on obedience training, problem solving, puppy training, and just working hard to make sure that the family dog fit in with the activities that the family wanted to do.

That might be hitting the farmer’s market downtown, going up into the canyons to hike or cross-country ski, getting down to Moab or St. George to enjoy the parks, grabbing a meal at an outdoor cafe, or just being able to go to the vet, pet store, or walk in the neighborhood without problems.

In short time Ty met Joe Tomsich, another talented dog trainer.

The two formed a bond that has been going strong for over a decade and thousands of dogs trained.

The two created the company’s signature Transform Your Dog in 60 Days program and have loved watching the company grow.

Ty the Dog Guy is thrilled to have had it all start in Utah and has been honored to have won the Best of State for Best Dog Trainer in Utah 10 times, to date.

Utah #1 Dog Trainers
10 times Best-of-State award winner
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