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How to Read Dog Body Language

I find that when we share with our clients the methods that we use in order to help dogs overcome aggression that most folks understand those concepts very easily. They aren’t overly complicated concepts. They tend to make sense. Where dog owners OFTEN struggle, though, is in properly reading their dog’s body language. While they …


Pet and Regret: The Downsides of Affection

I want to talk today about an old saying that we have in dog training, which I probably heard for the first time about twenty years ago: “You get what you pet.” What’s that mean? Well, deep within this phrase there’s a very important lesson to be learned. It’s not talking literally about petting, although …


It’s All Greek To Me: Why Language Matters

With this post, I want to talk about languages. I speak Spanish very, very well. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of. If I talk to someone on the phone, oftentimes they think that I’m a native speaker. I think that’s a pretty big deal, considering that most people’s second language Am I …

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